Sgt. Cross


Police Officer and Enforcer

Cities of Work

Rockport City and Palmont City

Heat Levels

Levels 4 and 5


Moddified Corvette ZO6

Cross was a police sergeant who was frequently encountered by the player during there time at Rockport and Palmont. He was the most skilled driver on both Palmont's and Rockport's police forces.


Cross started his career in Rockport City. He had earned himself the title of the most skilled driver in Rockport PD and had the most respect out of all his collegues. Cross was also able to custom tune a Corvette ZO6 with paintwork and better parts.

Cross meets - or busts - the player on there first meeting. But before he can arrest the player, he is called to a urgent pursuit. But he doesn't leave without telling the player "Street racing in Rockport is finished" before using his car keys to do some pinstripes to the players heavily tuned BMW M3 GTR.

He then starts appearing in some voice messages, given to him by the players "best" friend and undercover cop Mia. Cross then appears in Heat Levels 4 and 5 during pusuits. Some dirty tricks don't work on him, as he isn't as aggresive and near impossible to get away from as the "standard" cops.
Nfs-mania cross corvette mod

Cross' Corvette during his time at Rockport

Cross is also the one who organises Heat Level 6 at the end of Most Wanted, where all police units are diverted to try and arrest the player. At the end of the pursuit, the player jumps a gap that is too far for the other cop cars to jump across, and stops just before the jump which saves him and a few unis from the water below. This is one of the reasons why he was fired and became a bounty hunter, with his first target being the player.


Now a bounty hunter, Cross wants his revenge. He's pissed off because the player escaped him after claiming Razor's BMW in Rockport, and escaping with it. about a year after, the player arrives in carbon canyon leading straight into Palmont City. An unknown Corvette comes rounding the corner, tailgating the BMW, with a familiar figure at the wheel. "Hey, guess who's back" said the figure. the player realizes it's sgt Cross of Rockport Police, who finally caught up with him. Cross totalles the players BMW by wrecking it, then locks the player in the BMW while an old friend Darius shows up. He didn't want Cross bounty hunting in Silverton without Darius's approval, and never refers him by "Cross". Cross gives Darius the players bounty, which happens to be 150,000. Cross then drives off up the canyon, only to reappear later in the game when Darius reveals his true intentions to the player. Cross handcuffs the player, but gives the keys to Nikki because they made a deal to let the player go as long as Cross is paid and Nikki races in his crew. Cross leaves, but only after saying, "I'm just a bounty hunter, and I always get paid. Just make sure I do."