Ford GT


Players Ex-Girlfriend, Helper, Crew Member

Nikki was an Ex-Girlfriend and helper of the player during his time in Palmont City. She helps him learn the crew system, gives hints and tips, and even convinces Cross to allow the player free.

When the player is "attacking" Darius' territory, Silverton, Nikki becomes one of the players crew members. She is a drafter.


Nikki is said to be the ex-girlfriend of the hero character, and a s such there is tension at first, because Darius insists she "shows our old friend the ropes". It is said that she was dumped by the player when he left town the first time.


Nikki drives a Ford GT with a paint scheme inspired by Gulf racing cars, albiet in Stacked Deck colours. This car was presumably bought for her by Darius.


Nikki is best described as very strong willed. She fell for the player, and he stated that she was too young. She has a stroong and fierce personality towards the player, and appears to not enjoy working with him at first. As the story goes on, she grows closer to the player.